Saturday, May 18, 2013

How Social Media can get you blacklisted, and how to prevent it

I know I promised a post about Rec Letters, but I got an email asking about Social Media! So here is my personal opinion about how social networks can affect your recruitment.

1) Instagram- It can kill a girl's recruitment. If you have turned in a rush packet or signed up for rush (if you haven't..go to your school's panhellenic website and DO THAT RIGHT NOW.) then sorority girls are already stalking you. A lot of greek girls debate on whether or not rushees should clean up their profiles. On one hand, you don't want to look trashy. On the other, you don't want girls to get the impression that you are holier-than-thou. I think it is in all girls best interests to clean up their social media profiles at least a little! My rule of thumb is if you wouldn't want a picture blown up on a big screen in front of 200 girls (or your boyfriend's mom), then take it down. This includes any wasted pictures or anything promiscuous. I also wouldn't have a ton of pictures with alcohol in them, but I personally don't see anything wrong with red cups. Also, make sure you have a cute and up to date profile picture! I tell girls to make it of just themselves so stalkers don't get you confused with one of your friends. Yes, it is creepy that a bunch of college girls are stalking you, but it's all part of the game. No sorority wants to get the cute girl during rush who ends up being a psycho slut, and one of the only ways they can tell that is by looking at your instagram.

2) Twitter- Another rush killer. If you are following a lot of people with the name @trashy, @skank and @bitch, you might want to unfollow them for the next couple of months (even if they have hilarious tweets). Girls might associate you with those traits! If you have the tendency to tweet every moment of your life, then I would seriously consider you make your twitter private. You don't want a few tweets to get you blacklisted from the top-tier!

This does NOT mean you should get rid of your social media profiles! I always assume a girl is weird if I can't even find her name and picture online. Just be smart, and make sure you are portraying yourself online the way you want people in college to think about you. Take the time to re-vamp your online image! Sororities don't want trashy girls, so if you appear like that online (no matter how you are in real life) then they will go by what they see.

Keep on sending in your rush and sorority questions to And thanks to Katie (i'll keep your last name and location a secret so it won't affect your rush!!) for sending in my first rushee question!

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  1. I am a fun, party girl in my sorority, but we have a double standard when it comes to party pics on Facebook. We want to hear that you are a lot of fun & when we meet you during rush be able to tell you have a really fun personality--you can just tell this from a girl's confidence, attitude, etc.

    We are not allowed to have pics with alcohol on our Facebook until we are 21, so when you are FB stalking a 18 year old and she has pics doing a keg stand or even holding a beer--your first thought is, "No No No No No!!!" It's not that we care if you drank a beer or two or 500, but to us, it's a negative connotation on FB if you are pre-21.