LSU Recruitment

Make sure you sign up for Recruitment, registration starts June 1st!

Sororities at LSU:
Alpha Phi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Delta Zeta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Phi Mu
Pi Beta Phi
Zeta Tau Alpha

For LSU Recruitment information, follow this link!

There is a mandatory meeting at 4pm at the LSU Union Theater. Clothing is casual.

-Dress: Nice sundress, flat strapy sandles, modest jewelry
-Visit all eleven houses over two days, 30 minutes per house
-Conversation: Be prepared to explain exactly WHY you chose LSU, and what you are looking forward to during the year (especially the upcoming football season!!). You will probably be asked what activities you did inside and outside of high school. It's very easy conversation!
-Voting: After the second day, you will vote on your top eight favorite sororities, and your three least favorite. Keep in mind that you are NOT eliminating your bottom three! You are only showing preference to the top seven, (the sororities never know where you rank them!). You may still get in invitation to the next round from them!
DRINK THE ICEWATER! You don't want to be the girl who passes out from the heat. There's one EVERY year! Don't let it be you! :)

-Dress: Recruitment T-shirt, Nice shorts or skirt (NOT JEAN!), simple jewelry, and nice sandles
-Conversation: During this round, the girls you are paired with will half of the time discuss their philanthropy, as well as the activities they partake in during the year, and half of the time asking similar questions asked during Ice Water
-Voting: You will vote on your (up to) top 6 favorite houses, and your two least favorite (depending on the number of invitations you received this round). Again, you are NOT eliminating your bottom two, only showing preference.

-Dress: Nicer than Ice Water, but not as dressy as preference, nicer jewelry and heels.
-Conversation: The first half of the time spent at the house will consist of you watching the skit the house has put together. This is a GREAT way to get a feel for the personality of the house! Afterwards, you will get a tour of the house, and sit and chat with a girl. Be prepared to talk more about your life, rather than just high school accomplishments.
-Voting: After this round, you will vote for your (up to) top three favorite houses, and your three least favorite (depending on the number of invitations you received this round). Once again, you aren't eliminating those three houses, just showing preference.

-Dress: Nice cocktail dress, heels, and nice jewelry (Now is the time to break out the Yurman ladies!)
-Visit up to three houses, depending on how many invitations you received.
-Conversation: (this round has soft candle light and quiet singing at all of the houses!) Be prepared to listen most of this round. The girl you get paired with will explain why she loves her sorority, and why she thinks it's the best. There will also be some kind of ceremony, and warning; there WILL be tears!
-Voting: Voting is completely different this round. Before voting, you sign a contract binding yourself to whichever sorority you get a bid from. This doesn't mean you HAVE to pledge that sorority, but it DOES mean that you can't rush again for one calender year (ie, no spring rush). After Preference round, you will rank your houses from favorite to least favorite, or chose to eliminate a house you KNOW you cannot see yourself in. Keep in mind however, that if you eliminate a house, there is a chance you might not get a bid (this process is referred to as "suiciding"). As long as you maximize your options, you will get a bid!

I know the voting thing is confusing, but it's all explained in greater detail the day before rush begins at the orientation session.

-ADVICE FOR RECS: Unlike a lot of schools, most of our sorority chapters DO NOT want more than one (maybe two if it's from an important person within that sorority) recs.
-Also, keep a small purse with gum and powder (as it will always be at least 90 degrees and humid) a -MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN UMBRELLA AT ALL TIMES! I can't stress this enough. It always rains, and your hair WILL get ruined. Louisiana weather is infamously unpredictable!

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