TheRushQueen's #RUSHTIPs & #RushNoNos

: always bring up philanthropy! That was a big plus when a girl would ask about what we do!

: don't let people's opinions influence you. If a sorority feels like home to you, go with it!

USHTIP : always be yourself! Don't act like something you aren't because you want a sorority that fits the best you!!

 "Your makeup is as important as your outfit. Natural makeup is the way to go!"

Actives are already instagram and twitter stalking you! Make sure you have a cute default and put them on private!

Don't make sarcastic comments. You might just be trying to be funny, but someone might take you the wrong way.

Remember the 3 S's of rush: Sleep, Smile, and Sincere. Get enough sleep, always smile, and be sincere!!

: don't talk about other houses. You never know who has friends where and we all love each other!”

: Don't swear! It sounds obvious but its never a good idea during recruitment or even at all!”  

Wear clothes you feel confident in! If you feel your best, you will be more fun to talk to!

Make sure you dress to impress. You only need 5 perfect outfits! If you can't do that, you're not good enough for my sorority.

Make sure you sign up for recruitment and get your rush packets together! If you haven't already done that, do it NOW

: if you're a legacy in a DO NOT brag about it at other houses ” Don't talk about it even at that house, they know.

have fun! You're picking your besties for life. Even if the week is stressful it is SO worth it on bid day!!

: nobody likes a faker. Either you're awesome, or you're just not” and we can tell.

: jean skirts” they still make jirts?!

: Don't talk about your boyfriend, we're not rushing him”

Be confident! We give bids to girls we can see as our future littles, not the ones who act self conscious.

We don't want to hear your drinking stories. Instead of bringing them up at rush tweet them to

Make sure you check to see what the weather is like. You will probably be outside as much as you will be inside!

Don't ask how the sorority "voting" works. Why the hell would we tell you?

Don't be surprised if the active goes on and on about her big and/or little. That means that house has good sisterhood!!

: Honesty makes conversations feel natural! Never be afraid to show your nervousness, you'll laugh about it later”

Wear your hair in a similar style all week so girls can recognize you more easily! If it's super curly day one, do that all week.

Being orange is just as much of a turn off during rush as it is to guys.

I had a girl tell me she was rushing because her boyfriend wanted her to.... ..... .....

Send in a classy pic or get a nickname. We had "Booty Short Girl" whose pic was much like this:

Do NOT mention shows like Greek. "Booty Short Girl" told us she rushed bc she loved the show & "wild fucking parties"

If you wouldn't want your grandmother or your boyfriend's mom to see you in an outfit, don't wear it to rush.

-"Don't lie, we've already Facebook stalked the shit out of you”

Pack flats in your bag to walk from house to house in. That way you aren't miserable from walking in heels all day long!

Make sure you dress to impress ladies, not guys. No one wants to see your cleavage or up your skirt during a rush party.

"Quality over quantity. One or two amazing recs trumps a girl with 7 fluffy ones "

-Right after you leave a house write down what the girls were wearing. It will help trigger your memory about your convos later!

"Wear your hair down & styled rather than in a pony or braid. It show us you put time and effort into your appearance!

- "Don't wear tight short skirts. We all know you own them, but we want class in our letters"

Don't let your bra straps show. It's just plain tacky and you'd be surprised at how many girls I've seen do it.

If you're a legacy, don't talk about it. We already know, and that is a dead end convo.

Good morning! RUSH TIP - "Don't wear glasses if you can wear contacts. May make or break your appearance ranking!"

RUSH TIP- Don't wear cut off jorts to Ice Water parties. Or any rush parties. Period.

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  1. These comments are kind of dramatic.. I'm in a sorority, and I know rush on my campus is nothing like this! These people are the girls who give sororities a bad name! People need to realize what's more important- looks or a good sister?