Monday, July 13, 2015

Updated Info

Hey ladies!

I graduated a while ago, and totally let this blog go. I was thinking about deleting it today, and came across tons of emails you guys have been sending to me. So, I decided that while some of my info is a little outdated, a lot of it is still super helpful.

I did my research, talked to some actives, and updated all of my posts. The information you see should be current and relevant.

Actives, if your school isn't on here, PLEASE send me info!! I have girls going to lots of schools that have asked me to make pages for them. Also, please continue to send in your #rushtips to @TheRushQueen on twitter.

You can reach me at and @TheRushQueen on twitter.

To all my actives, thanks for continuing to help out! To my little PNMs...good luck!!


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