TCU Recruitment

TCU recruitment registration begins June 1st! Here's the link:

Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Omicron Pi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Sigma Kappa
Zeta Tau Alpha

From the TCU website:


August 15th:
Potential New Member(PNM) Move In to Main Campus housing
Recruitment Parent Orientation @ 5pm
Mandatory PNM Recruitment Orientation@ 9pm
August 16th:  Round One:  Scholarship, Part One- Panhellenic t-shirt will be provided. Khaki shorts or other casual shorts are encouraged on this day. Please wear a shirt or tank-top that you can change out of.
August 17th:  Round One:  Scholarship, Part Two- Panhellenic t-shirt will be provided. Khaki shorts or other casual shorts are encouraged on this day. Please wear a shirt or tank-top that you can change out of.
August 18th:  Round Two:  Service- Casual outfits are appropriate for Round Two. Blouses and skirts are all okay to wear for this day as well as flats.
August 19th:  Round Three:  Leadership- Round three is a bit dressier than the previous days. A nicer dress, dress slacks or nice skirt and blouse would all be appropriate. Heels or wedges are usually worn on this day as well.
August 20th:  Round Four: Sisterhood/Preference- Cocktail dresses are recommended for Round Four. Formals or prom dresses are discouraged.
August 21st: Bid Day!- Casual bottoms, comfortable shoes, and a plain white t-shirt (no writing or images) should be worn so that you can put on your new sorority shirt!

  • To participate in recruitment, Potential New Members (PNMs) must have a 2.25 GPA and be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours. However, chapters are usually looking for strong grades, so keep academics at the top of your priority list!
  • Parents are welcome to attend Bid Day celebrations, but it is certainly not necessary. Generally, parents will only have about an hour to spend with their daughter before she is whisked away to events with her new sisters. While we do have some parents who choose to stay, it is a relatively small number who do, so please don't feel pressured to attend. As Kay Higgins, Director of Parent and Family Programs, would say, "Are you going to come back and watch them every time they take an exam?"
  • On Bid Day, PNMs will receive their bid and head off to activities with their new member class (group of new members from one chapter). That will usually be a slumber party, bowling, dinner, or other fun activity. That will begin the new member period. Generally, the new member period lasts a few weeks and involves learning about the history of the sorority, getting to know the chapter, and participating in various activities- philanthropies, TCU activities, sisterhood events, etc.
  • On or shortly after Bid Day, the chapter should provide a new member calendar that includes important dates like Mom's Weekends, Homecoming, and Initiation. Please refer to the chapter after Bid Day for specifics on dates/times/locations.


  1. Very helpful for my upcoming rush process at TCU!
    Thanks and Go Frogs!!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! Good luck with recruitment!

  2. This is incredibly helpful with making the rush process less mysterious and nerve-wracking, thanks!

  3. Hello! I am entering TCU as a freshman this year but wanted to get to know the campus and settle into college life before joining a sorority. I was wondering if there was a Spring Rush and what the policies on that were. I understand that it is not as formal at Fall Rush is but wanted to know how TCU handles Spring Recruitment. Any help?

    1. Laine,
      I NEVER suggest girls try to rely on Spring rush. Most houses will not participate in Spring recruitment. If you really, really can't rush in the fall, I'd wait until your sophomore year unless you meet a lot of girls in a house that happens to have spring rush. Remember that your freshmen grades will be very important in your rush process if you go through as a sophomore.