University of Texas at Tyler Recruitment

This has not been updated in over a year. If you are an active at UT Tyler, please email me updated information at or DM me on twitter @TheRushQueen

Night one: potential new members group bonding
All of the girls get together in casual attire before they meet any of the sororities and play games to get to know the girls that may become their sisters.

Night two: round one
Business attire. All girls attend all parties. Each sorority (we currently only have two on campus: delta gamma and alpha chi omega) holds three parties and the PNMs are split into 6 groups (we are a really small school of only about 10,000). They attend the parties and rank the sororities after their last party. Then the sororities meet and vote on the girls. Girls that do not get invited back by either sorority get a phone call the next morning before the rush parties begin again telling them that they don't need to come.

Night three: round two
Business attire. The remaining girls get a party schedule when they check in. This is when they find out if they were invited back to one sorority or both. They attend all of the parties (this night focuses on philanthropy) and then rank the sororities again. The sororities then meet again to vote on which girls to keep in for the final night. the girls that do not receive an invite to a pref party the following night receive a call telling them that they don't need to come in.

Night four: pref night
Formal attire. The remaining girls get their party schedules and are read their pref letters by their assigned girl. Refreshments are served and speeches are given by the president and recruitment chair. The girls rank the sororities one last time putting their first choice first and their back up second. At this time the PNMs can decide to suicide a sorority and sign a waiver saying that if they do not receive a bid from their chosen sorority they don't want to pledge even if they get a bid from the other sorority. The girls vote on who to offer bids.

Night five: bid day
Casual attire. The PNMs report to the university center theater to receive their bid cards and find out what sorority their rho gammas are in. The girls are then escorted to their sorority's room (because we don't have houses) where bid day festivities begin.

Casual- jeans and a tshirt, norts, jean shorts, anything comfortable really.  Business- a sundress or slacks and a nice top. Heels acceptable but not necessary. No jeans.  Formal- a nice dress and heels no pants no flats.  #RUSHTIPS:
Be yourself. If they don't want you for who you are then they aren't the sorority for you.
Speak up if you're in a bump group with multiple people. It shows that you want to be there and you want to be noticed.
Find something special about you. If you dance, are crafty, can sing, etc. They want to know that you have something to bring to the sorority that you and only you can bring.

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