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  1. I will be a sophomore at Michigan State University this fall and will be rushing. This is the link to their recommendation as to what to wear:

    I was planning on wearing dresses everday but the first day picture looks pretty casual. What do you recommend for the first day, spirit day?

    What advice do you have for someone going through rush in the north? Do you have any recommendations of outfits I could wear that do with the days they have?

    Any advice you have would be great!!

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  3. Hi! I am an international incoming freshman from the Philippines for Fall 2015 at one of the more competitive schools. Because no one in my family has been part of a Greek organization and there really are no resources in Manila to help me prepare for rush, I worry that it may hurt me in the process of recruitment. I would like to place myself in the best position possible for recruitment. Do you have any advice?