Texas Tech Recruitment

Don't forget to sign up for recruitment, the earlier the better: http://ttu.orgsync.com/org/ttupanhellenic

All information for dates/outfits can be found at that website!!

Sororities at Texas Tech
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Phi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Xi Delta will be coming on to campus Fall 2015.

Saturday, August 15: Early Move-in for Women Participating in Sorority Recruitment & Parent Welcome Session 
Sunday, August 16: Sorority Recruitment Kick-Off Event (Students Only)
Monday, August 17 or Tuesday, August 18: Period I- Sorority Off- Texas Tech T-shirt, Shorts and Comfortable Shoes
(this is a change from previous years, you will only need one Period I outfit)
Wednesday, August 19: Period II - Philanthropy & Community Service Day- Sundress or Skirt - Flats or Wedges 
Thursday, August 20: Period III - Values & Sisterhood Day- Church Attire - Dresses or Skirts - Heels, Wedges or Flats
Friday, August 21: Preference- Cocktail Attire & Heels - Does not have to be black. 
Saturday, August 22: Bid Day- 
Shorts and a t-shirt (bid day shirt will be given to you) 

10 Tips for Girls going to Texas Tech from an active:

1. Get recommendation letters! For some reason if you talk to sororities during orientation they tell everyone "recommendation letters are no longer encouraged or necessary for recruitment." But I know for a fact that some houses won't even offer you a bid without a letter. Also, some people claim that you can't have an active write one for you, but actually actives are preferred. And the more letters, the better your chances.

2. Sign up in June because the fee increases throughout the summer. (gogreek.ttu.edu

3. Tech has their PNMs wait outside each house in the hot West Texas summer heat. So personal mini fans and extra deodorant/ make up is a MUST! 

 4. All of our houses have PNMs sit with actives extremely close so breath mints (not gum!) is very nice. 

 5. The houses are just as hot as it is outside so oil blotting sheets would probably be useful too.

 6. Although the recruitment website gives outfit suggestions such as dress pants or a cute summer skirt, dresses are the safer bet. 

7. On the first day of dresses the outfit is more something along the line of a classy Sunday brunch with your grandma. The second dressy day is more of slightly dressier or slightly more business looking. For pref night, the cocktail dresses shouldn't be revealing or too sparkly/ prom attire. 

8. It helps if the girls write down the names of who rushed them from their favorite houses so that they know some actives on bid day (how I met my big). 

9. If a PNM isn't the best at talking with strangers, an interesting accessory with a story to tell is a great way to get a genuine conversation going. 

10. Don't be stressed if you go back to a house you have already cut. Even if you cut a house, if a house doesn't cut you back, you can still be sent there the next day. 


  1. I was wondering if you could tell me when this article was posted? Also, I want to make sure that rec letters from actives are okay?

    1. I think this was posted in 2013. I'm not sure, though. If you want to check out my blog I also have posts about Greek life at Tech! Rec letters are supposed to be written by Alumnae. They are not required though. Not having recs won't hurt you, but having them can help you. :)