Texas A&M Recruitment

Don't forget to register for Recruitment!

Here is the website to register: http://cpc.tamu.edu/

Sororities at Texas A&M:
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Delta Zeta
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Zeta Tau Alpha

Convocation (MANDATORY!): Sunday, August 23rd
Attire: Wear whatever you want. No actives will be there except for the Rho Gammas who are not voting members of recruitment and are not in contact with their chapters. After convocation you will have time to change and eat lunch, but I would go to convocation pretty much ready for rush. You will get the t-shirt to wear during convocation, but I would already have my jewelry and shorts/shoes options laid out in my dorm room.

GO GREEK (Days 1 &2, Sunday and Monday Aug 23-24)
-Dress: Shorts (Some girls wear norts but actives look down on that. I would wear something nicer) and the Go Greek t-shirt you were given at convocation. Cute sandals are good to wear, and a "piece of flair" (cute necklace, headband, etc to help you stand out. If you think it's too flashy, then don't wear it.)
-Visit all twelve houses over two days, 20 minutes per house
-Conversation: Be prepared to explain exactly why you wanted to rush and go to a&m, and what you are looking forward to during the year. You will probably be asked what activities you did inside and outside of high school and about Fish Camp (you NEED to go to fish camp...almost everyone else will have gone) It's very easy conversation!
-Voting: After the second day, you will vote on your top nine favorite sororities, and your three least favorite. Keep in mind that you are NOT eliminating your bottom three! You are only showing preference to the top nine, (the sororities never know where you rank them!). You may still get in invitation to the next round from them!

PHILANTHROPY (Day 3 & 4, Tuesday and Wednesday Aug 25-26)
-Dress: Cute sundress or skirt and shirt. Not super dressy, but  you want to look cute! Lilly dress day for sure. Cute church attire! You can wear heels but keep in mind there will be a lot of walking.
-Visit up to nine houses (4-5 each day), depending on how many invitations you recieved, 35 mins per house
-Conversation: During this round, the girls you are paired with will discuss their philanthropy, as well as the activities they partake in during the year. I would definitely ask questions about their philanthropy and events, it makes the conversation a lot better!
-Voting: You will vote on your (up to) top six favorite houses, and your three least favorite (depending on the number of invitations you received this round). Again, you are NOT eliminating your bottom three, only showing preference.

SKIT (Day 5, Thursday August 27)
-Dress: Nicer than Philanthropy, but not as dressy as preference, nicer jewelry and heels. Think wedding attire!
-Visit up to six houses, depending on how many invitations you received, 45 mins each
-Conversation: The first half of the time spent at the house will consist of you watching the skit the house has put together. This is a GREAT way to get a feel for the personality of the house! You will be sitting, so take that into consideration when you choose your outfit. If it looks weird or rides up when you sit, I wouldn't wear it. You will then talk about the skit, and make sure to ask questions about the events the sorority has throughout the year.
-Voting: After this round, you will vote for your (up to) top three favorite houses, and your three least favorite (depending on the number of invitations you received this round). Once again, you aren't eliminating those two houses, just showing preference.

PREFERENCE (Day 6, Friday August 28)
-Dress: Nice cocktail dress, heels, and nice jewelry.
-Visit up to three houses, depending on how many invitations you received.
-Conversation: (this round has soft candle light and quiet singing at all of the houses!) Be prepared to listen most of this round. The girl you get paired with will explain why she loves her sorority, and why she thinks it's the best. There will also be some kind of ceremony, and warning; there WILL be tears! Also make sure to tell the girl how excited you are to be at her house on pref!
-Voting: Voting is completely different this round. After Preference round, you will rank your houses from favorite to least favorite, or chose to eliminate a house you KNOW you cannot see yourself in. Keep in mind however, that if you eliminate a house, there is a chance you might not get a bid (this process is referred to as "suiciding"). As long as you maximize your options, you WILL get a bid!

-Don't wear a watch. Every girl should know this, so if you wear one you look clueless.
-Bring a bag with a water bottle, snack, make up, brush, breath mints, mini fan, umbrella and flip flops in. You are able to leave this outside the house and the actives will never see it. Those items will REALLY help you to be comfortable during recruitment! You will have a few breaks throughout the day so you will have time to freshen up your make up. There is a lot of space between some of the houses so pack flip flops to wear in between parties.
-DO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOM DURING A PARTY. You can kiss your invite/bid goodbye if you do this. Use your breaks to go to the bathroom. Girls will automatically assume you do not want to be there if you choose to go to the bathroom during their party, and will be offended. Other houses might hear about it that night, so it could hurt you at other houses, too.


  1. A lot of girls will look at the watch subconsciously during a party, which comes across as rude. Sorority girls at A&M aren't allowed to wear watches during rush, so it's just a good idea to avoid wearing one! Grab a cute bracelet instead. You can keep your watch in your bag, but you won't need it! This applies to most southern schools.

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  3. Is suiciding the same as what was called cross cutting in the 80s

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  5. Very helpful! Thanks so much!

  6. And what if I am a private school girl? Should I pretend I'm a public school girl and lie?

  7. Caitlyn I have deleted that girl's comment, as it is NOT correct for TAMU. Don't lie about your school. Sounds like she was not really in a sorority. Private school girls do fine at a&m.

  8. How much do sororities cost at A&M? Also I how much time does a sorority take up on a weekly basis? Also do you think it is smart to rush if you are majoring in biomedical science-premed? What's your favorite thing that you enjoy in your sorority?

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